More About Me

Jennifer Perry

I am a Real Estate agent at BHGRE BloomTree Realty. Originally from New York City, I am known for my unique and insightful approach to Real Estate in the Scottsdale and Prescott, Arizona greater areas. I combine my extensive background in Business Communications and Hotel/Restaurant Management with a rich tapestry of life experiences, including my time at Yelp and various entrepreneurial endeavors. This diverse journey has equipped me with a deep understanding of the market and an exceptional ability to connect with clients on a personal level. My approach to Real Estate is characterized by a dedication to understanding and fulfilling clients' unique needs, ensuring that each property transaction is not just a business deal, but a meaningful journey towards finding a perfect home.

Living in Scottsdale and Prescott for over 25 years, my approach to Real Estate is deeply influenced by my holistic and wellness lifestyle. This lifestyle affords me a heightened sense of self awareness and an ability to connect with others, fostering an environment of intentional collaboration. My focus extends beyond the physical aspects of a property. I engage with clients to understand their energy and needs, aiming to facilitate a process that achieves the highest and best outcome for everyone involved in the journey of buying a home. My goal is to be a trusted partner in all aspects of selling and buying and to create a joyful process!